UK Payday Loan Lenders

With so many lenders out there and the new FCA regulations in force, who to trust? We've made it easier for you by only featuring companies we know are bonefide and sticking to the new legislation.

Why Only 7 Payday Lenders?

We have taken the opportunity to remove some of the less than bonefide lenders and focus on those that are adhering to the new guidelines as set out by the FCA and CMA.

They all have slightly different lending criteria, but as you will see their rates are far lower than the previous headline 5000% rates seen in the years up to 2014.

We suggest you read through the reviews, then check out the rates on their site to ensure you can both afford the loan repayments and the period that they ask you to repay the debt. If you know you probably can't repay the debt, please don't get a payday loan - look at alternative ways to raise short term funds.

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