Peachy Payday Loans


Peachy, registered as cash on the go, is based in Manchester and offers short term loans from £50 to £700.  They are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and all loan agreements are made under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974.

The Peachy USP

They claim their main USP is that they offer multiple repayment options which means you can work out the best way for you to repay your loan in a timescale that works. Peachy say that the average loan period for their customers is 35 days and most people want to borrow between £200 and £300.

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Application Process

You apply online simply selecting the amount you require and how you want to repay, from 15 days to 12 months. During this process a credit check will be run to ensure you can repay the loan. In some cases a customer services agent may need to call you for more details but in most cases the decision only takes minutes.  Once approved the money will be in your account in 15 minutes from approval. With some banks it may however take up to one hour.

You can apply for another loan once your existing one is paid off. You cannot have multiple Peachy loans on the go at the same time.


Loan repayments are taken from your bank account on the agreed date. Or you can repay the loan early, no fee is made for this. Most repayments are taken from customers bank accounts, or direct debit card. Peachy also take payments from PayCash. PayCash is a new payment method from PayPoint You don’t need a debit card to use PayCash, just take the money with you and find a terminal, there are currently 26,000 terminals for PayPoint.

If you want to extend the loan you can apply for a loan holiday. This is completely at the discretion of Peachy and in order to apply for a loan payment holiday you will need to pay the outstanding interest and fees of your current payment immediately and you have the option to postpone your payment two times successively.


You must be 18 or over, be a UK resident, hold a UK bank or building society account with a valid debit card, have a mobile phone and e mail address and you must have a money income of at least £600. Some benefits may be included in the £600.

Customer Services

It is possible to speak to a person at Peachy about your account and loan.

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